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It can sometimes be difficult to properly dispose of furniture, old appliances, and trash left behind at a rental property or just junk that has accumulated at your home or business. Call 432-777-2903 for property cleanup & junk removal services in Midland, Odessa, and the Permian Basin.

Our team at S & T Janitorial Service LLC wants to help with all your property cleanup, junk removal, and commercial cleaning needs! Get rid of the stress of trying to figure out how to properly dispose of your junk by hiring us to take care of it for you! We follow protocols that are set by our commercial office cleaning company to ensure we are disposing of your trash properly.

Efficient junk removal services in Odessa, TX, by S&T Janitorial Service. Clearing clutter responsibly to create cleaner, more organized spaces. Call us today to get started!

Three Reasons To Hire a Professional Cleaning Company For Property Cleanup

Save time – Commercial cleaning companies have a systematic way of cleaning that makes them very efficient. Another perk is hiring a company like us to do property cleanup and junk removal for your company or home frees you up to take care of other projects.

Eco-friendly approach – Chances are professional cleaning companies will know places to donate the stuff you are getting rid of or somewhere to recycle it. Either way, hiring a cleaning service to take care of your property cleanup and junk removal, eliminates the stress of having to figure out the best ways to dispose of your old stuff.

Save money There are fees associated with disposing of any trash, so chances are you will save at least a little bit of money by hiring one cleaning service to dispose of everything. Contact S & T Janitorial Service LLC today to discuss the prices for our commercial cleaning services.

Junk Removal in Odessa, TX

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